Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Sandang and Bengkung holders. That tiny little girl with a white belt is always our favorite! ;)

Dato' Rahim was giving a belt. Cikgu Mufti was at his left.

The supporting wives... ;)

Taking the "Tapak"

the Kanak-kanak Riang! ;)

apa yang digelakkan kan tu? hehehe

posing maut...

Nasi Bryiani, Kari Kambing, Ayam Masak Merah, Acar Buah... Sluurrrrppp...! :)

Last weekend an Iftar had been organized by Gelanggang Panglima Hitam of Master Mufti Ansari. Other than being a normal iftar, a Sandang and Bengkung ceremony was also held by Master Mufti and the YDP of Gayong Serantau Selangor, Dato' Halim. The Sandang was for the senior Gayong Gurulatih who had passed certain level and will set up their own Gelanggang. The grading was done successfully before Ramadhan and now the ceremony was to award the students who had excelled during their belt grading. But the most important thing here is the silaturrahim itself. May this Ramadhan will unite all Gayong families whatever the "school" is. Congratulation to the Sandang and Bengkung holders, may those giving will encourage the Anak Gayong to work harder and consistent! ;)

To Cikgu Mufti, Kak Ji, Cikgu-Cikgu Gayong Kepong, all the committee of Gayong Serantau Selangor thank you for the Iftar invitation, delicious Bryiani, wonderful ceremony and warm sincere welcome to me and my wife. God bless you all. Amin...! ;)

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