Sunday, August 15, 2010


In front of Gelanggang PSSGM Perlis: Cikgu Nik & Eddy

Having an important task to do at the north of peninsular last weekend, I didn't waste my chance to visit Ustaz Nik and Ustaz Mursyid at Kedah and Gayong family at Perlis. I met Ustaz Nik at his family's house at Kedah and we went together to Perlis, welcomed wholeheartedly by Eddy, his mother Cikgu Zaharah Harun (called as Mak Ngah) and his father Cikgu Omar Abdullah (Pak Ngah). Mak Ngah is the Ibu Gayong of PSSGM Perlis and Pak Ngah is one of senior Gayong Master at Perlis, who was the first batch of Gayong Perlis. We went to meet Cikgu Nordin at his house, but unfortunately just passing by to say Salam as we were told that Cikgu was not very well after a whole night long doing the Mandi Tapak.

Two Pusaka Gayong Cikgus...

Then we went to visit Cikgu Majid and family at Pusaka Gayong training centre. Alhamdulillah good to hear that certain Pusaka Gayung senior Masters started to make their come back after resting a while.

As Cikgu Awang Daud and family, I was told that ADMAA was chosen to represent the Silat during one of the important program after this Raya. ADMAA indeed is making one step ahead by multiplying their seminars, classes and even making the self-defense technics which is practical and easy to use during an emergency moment.

Senjata apakah ini????
(Badik permainan Ibu Gayong)

I was quite rushing, and had to come back to KL as soon as possible. InsyaAllah, I'll spend more time in the north next time. To Mak Ngah and Pak Ngah of Perlis, please please please! Teach me!!!! ;) That little thing doesn't want to vanish from my head! ehhehehehe. I would like to thank Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah and Eddy for the warm welcome (I was quite sad didn't manage to come back in the morning), to Cikgu Awang Daud, Mak Su and Abang Adi for a delicious Mee Tom Yam and lovely and meaningful night, and also to Cikgu Majid and family for the kindness, advices and the petua & amalan....

*In France, we call the North people as Ch'tis. Our Benjamin at Lille is one of Ch'tis hardcore. lol. Hehehhe. Donc, ils les Gayong a Kedah et Perlis sont en verite les ch'tis

Malaisiens!!!! ;)

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