Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Once Upon A Time at Kelantan....

Ramadhan arrives, and I find myself occupied with the university's project. While being busy typing, crashing my brain with what words should I put in the report, I took a look a my photo album. Many photos bring memories of my primary and secondary school. Friends, family, school. But I am surprised to realize that I've some of my Gayong photos kept in my possession. Ah... Gayong memories. For my Gayong brothers and sisters of SMK Kamil, Pasir Puteh (1996-2000) who are reading my post here, this memories should make you come again to Gelanggang!!! ;)***I am still searching our photos of Mandi Minyak with Pak Jab in 1997, demo in front of vice education minister 1998, keris demo at Silat Tongkat 1999 ceremony and many more.....

Kursus Peningkatan Bengkung Peringkat Negeri Kelantan
at Kem Kijang

I swear to God, this was my first lompatan! I was told to jump over a fire first before jumping over my friends!!!

With my very first Gayong partner, Colonel Sabri.

14 years ago .... and still learning Gayong! ;)


Gayong Competition at Kota Bharu (2000)

I was trying to pose as Dato' Meor. But I missed lot of kilos indeed. lol
*The "finger" thing was a trend among teenagers at that time... it was hollywood's fault!

Gayong Competition at UiTM Machang (2000)

Pentas Tongkat (simbat) with brother Amir

Pasir Puteh Team

Training at Jeram Linang waterfall (2000)

One whole day "pernafasan" training....

Gelanggang Kamil Secondary School (1996-2000)

PSSGM SMK KAMIL (sesi pagi)
in front: Fadhliah, Alam Shah, Amir Black, Thajirine, Zanoramin, Pok Dek, Cikgu Mat Yassim,Tuan Sanusi, Shaiful Hakim, Safuan Awang, Abd Rahim, Faridah

PSSGM KAMIL (sesi petang)
Cikgu Mat Yassim and students

Demo Simbat with brother Amir Black
at Damai Beach Resort (2000)

di tepi pantai yang indah...

Imam-Imam Gelanggang & Naqibah-Naqibah Gelanggang PSSGM Pasir Puteh
Hafizi, Me, Zanoramin, Alam Shah, Amir Black, Faridah, Thajirine, Zati Fadhilah, Noni (stand)
Salbiah & Fadhliah (sit)

Demo Pisau with brother Thajirine
at School Sport Day (1999)

Training Parang and Tekpi
at Gelanggang Gong Serapat (1999)

Demo Parang with brother Amir Black
at School Sport Day (2000)

Cikgu Tuan Sanusi was observing...

Amir Black, Hafiz, me and Thajirine

Demo with brother Mazhan
at Jeram Pasu (1998)



  1. Ahh... the good old days in Kelantan...

  2. yes vicky! that was how we were "made". ;)

  3. Elles sont cool ces photos...
    mais j'ai du mal à te reconnaitre ;p

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  5. hahahhaa. e bin Ben, j'etais trop mince quand j'etais encore en college et lycee. c grace a l'entrainement dur tous les jours. c pour ca je t'ai dit que c toujours bien d'etre un eleve de Gayong, au lieu d'etre un entraineur! lol ;)