Wednesday, August 25, 2010


lebak nyooohh...!!!

pilih hok besaa-besaa sikik weeh!

Dokong fruit (Buoh/woh Dokong)

picking the fruits

haaah, tok cekak nok ngettak bulu ambo nok buleh ko perabih sebesen nih. hehehhe

Just an afternoon during a sunny day of Ramadhan, I spent a time to get some Dokong fruits at the village. Alhamdulillah "langkah kanan" (lucky day) as the owner was at his home and he picked some kilos of Dokong before we came back here in KL. When you buy it directly at the owner's garden, you got a cheap price. RM0.60 for 1 kilo. And they are all big and sweet! ;)

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