Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Te' was having her lunch at perhentian.

I went back to Pasir Puteh last weekend to visit my family and to support the new students who were taking the grading. I came back to Sungai Besi with the my small "Kancil" packed with the cooking tools, "bantals", our new cat Te', kidnapped from Kampung to be forced to marry our boy Joix, and Silat toys.... ;). I even took my Gendang, Gong and Canang. Anyone is available to play the gendang with me at Sungai Besi???? lol. I left my Serunai at Paris. Waiting to get it back here!!! ;)

I checked my weapons there, few were lost!!! I was told that certain came to borrow my weapons for the training but didn't bring it back!!! I was so frustrated, but surely I'll find my toys again. So I decide to bring some of my training tools with me here. The rest I locked up the cupboard. Hope these toys will help me to fill my leisure time up when getting bored at home... or at UPM! lol

Big Boys have their own toys....

I would like to spend more time to meet all of my Gayong and Silat Masters at Kelantan, but the time was limited. Hopefully I'll get more chance in the next time insyaAllah.

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