Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok: The Khalifah Besar Kelantan

Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok is the holder of Sandang Khalifah Besar of PSSGm Kelantan. He is the member of the Lembaga Beradat, the member of Majlis Kehakiman, the chairman of Majlis Gurulatih and of course the holder of 6th Dan Black Belt. He participate actively with the Pencak Silat competition organized by PESAKA and PERSILAT, which he is also the Wasit Juri.

I've heard that he was also an actor, mostly inside the Malay Silat drama. He is among the one who arranged the syllabus of PSSGM Kelantan used nowadays, with the late Cikgu Zul. I heard the name of the late Cikgu Zul from Cikgu Nasir himself, saying that Cikgu Zul was his teacher in Gayong.

Cikgu Ibrahim, with three others Khalifah Besar (also 6th DAN), Cikgu Razani Hassan, Cikgu Tuan Azmi Tuan Mat and Cikgu Wan Abdullah Hamzah, were endorsed by the late Mahaguru and the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom as the Khalifah Besar in the state of "Cik Siti Wan Kembang", while Haji Mansor Othman as the Yang Dipertua (The Chief of state).

Among the first generation of Gayong Masters in Kelantan (the holders of 5th DAN) , and still sitting under the umbrella of PSSGM is my Gurulatih, Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh (Pasir Puteh), Cikgu Nuri Mohamed Nor (Gunong), Cikgu Nik Mat Din Mustafa, Cikgu Mazlan Said (Melor), Cikgu Mohd Zaib Hj Awang, Cikgu Rahimi Mohd Nor (Tanah Merah), Cikgu Rosman Mohamed (Machang), Cikgu Nik Azman Nik Par (Gua Musang), Cikgu Aidil Azri Hj Abdullah (Kota Bharu) and Cikgu Zainal Abidin Mat Ya (Bachok).

I was grateful to meet Cikgu Ibrahim last weekend, during the Red belt grading at the Kamil Secondary School. One of my Master, Ku Rashid also came to support the three days course before the grading. I passed my White and Green belt under Pak Jab, who was one of the elders of Gayong in Kelantan, but now left PSSGM to create the Gayong Tiga Kalimah. For my Red Belt, and my Black Belt, the examiner was Cikgu Ibrahim. He is known to be the thoughest examiner in the state. It is a normal scene to see half of the students who took the grading with him failed. It happened again in Kamil last Saturday, when sixteen students, the green belt holders, took the grading. Less than half of the student passed the Red Belt grading. Others must take again the grading. However, he knows how to motivate the students... !

As everyone knows, my Master Hj Mansur Othman, is sick after the operation since last year. Cikgu Ibrahim and other two Khalifah Besar now take the responsibilities to take care all of the affair of PSSGM Kelantan. I pray to Allah so that PSSGM Kelantan will regain his strength and trust from all the Anak Gayong of Kelantan. Let the leadership goes to the elders. Gayong is Adat. And what Malay expression says, "Biar Mati Anak, Jangan Mati Adat" (don't let the Adat dies, eventhough it means that your son has to die)

I miss my hometown. Too much. ZAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

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