Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Two Gayong Masters Met

Master Mufti Ansari & Ayahanda Amin Hamzah

What we could say after two senior Gayong Masters met. What we could hear was only the Master's talks, not even at our level. They asked themselves about their friends in the Gelanggang with whom they trained together under the late Mahaguru. There was unseen feeling shown from their smiles and eyes : Love. The love for Gayong. The love for the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, the son of Daeng Uda Hashim. The love of friendship. The love to the new generation, and they want to see this art to still even after their time comes.

This what I can see from our visit to Ayahanda Amin Hamzah at Ipoh. I came with Master Mufti Ansari, taking the train from Kepong. My brother Hafiz of Gayong Midlands came to fetch us at Ipoh train station. He rappeared to be with short hair. And still single too. ;)

Everyone knows what is happening between Gayong Masters nowadays. As the young learners, we should know what is happening. We must take part of it as it's our obligation to keep the tradition of Silat Seni Gayong. We must hear from the both side. But we must respect their decision. Sami'na wa ata'na. We hear, and we obey. Among Masters, they have their own battle. For us, the "young and dangerous", we are here to learn. This is our battle. We can take the decision politely with respect and Adab, without being Biadab. Wanau'zubillahi minzalik.

Being the young Gurulatih is not an easy task either. It is easier to be more like a Ninja. Lone and lonely. Let say we just learn, don't teach, don't set up the Gelanggang, just train and learn. Learning Gayong is just for our own satisfaction. Training Gayong is just to our own performance. This is individualisme. This not what the late Mahaguru wanted. But when we teach, when we develop, when we have the Gelanggang and students, and just when we start to be known, there will be the unpleasants voices critisizing us. Luckily, this is just a part of our achievement! Being critisized meaning that we have done something "visible" and attracted their attention. Bad or good the comment is not important.

Cikgu Hafiz, the Malay Tiger Gelanggang Chief, Midlands
to Hafiz, Kak Shila and Azman at Simpang Pulai, sabar-sabar ekk dalam berjuang! ;)

Pecah Gayong Di Dalam Dulang, Dulang Hanyut Ke Lautan Tujuh.
Perpecahan Gayong Perpecahan Sayang, Suatu Masa Dan Ketika Kembali Berteguh.

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  1. Salam

    damn true bro hakim. When those two masters met, not even our knowledge but their 'art' of chit chats were out of our league... So just sit back and let them... Ahaha!

    p/s : miss ayahanda amin so much... LoLZ!