Monday, April 26, 2010

Seni Pemusnahan & Pemecahan

One of the "leisure" activities that make Gayong training becomes interesting and "eagerly waited" by the students is the "Pemecahan" or "Pemusnahan" (Breaking and Destroying).

Master Mufti Ansari always says that this is the moment that we learn not only the respiration, but to learn how to use the "soft" movement, to break the hard object. A hard object can be broken by using external force (Kudrat), but it is preferrable to loose your hand, instead of filling it with energy, fearing that your hand will hurt.

In Silat Seni Gayong, the popular hard object that used during the training are like roof tiles, bricks, river stones, coconuts, and the extreme level is breaking the iron bar. The one to two inches wood plank is used for the breaking technics with fingers.

I'm sharing the photos during the training at Cikgu Mufti's Gelanggang at Kepong. Merci beaucoup Cikgu pour un super entrainement et un discour tres detaillee!!! ;)

Pelempang Pak Pendita

Asah Siku

Tendang Sula

Tolak Lintang


  1. Seriously I never break any brick before. Last time, I got my arm severely cut by splinters of broken roof tiles which were arranged in a stack of five during a breaking demonstration. The cut wasn't that bad, but it bled so much it stained red a part of my Taekwondo uniform. The scar remains there forever.

    I am Youtube martial artist (ha! ha!). Meant, I do a lot of research on martial arts from Youtube videos. Once, I found a video of a Wing Chun master broke a brick so easily. He described something about Physics but my small brain comprehended only a little from the lengthy explanation he conveyed.

    Anyway, my Taekwondo master broke two bricks at once and he still can smile.

    Wish I could break a brick one day. All I need now is someone who can teach me.

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  3. as what my Master always says, the energy comes from the respiration. breaking the hard object also has it's limit. so it is our responsibility as a martial artist to explore, and to get as far as possible in learning the human's limit. We cannot break everything, but many things can be broken! we will be amazed that, "the limit" is reachable by only changing the way we inhale the air! ;)

    in Gayong, it is one way to teach the confident (Yakin) to the student. Ga-Alif-Ya-Wau-Nga. Ya is for Yakin...

    waAllahua'lam.. 8)

  4. 天下沒有走不通的路,沒有克服不了的困難,沒有打不敗的敵人。........................................