Thursday, April 1, 2010


My first Gayong demonstration was in 1996, when we were asked by our Jurulatih to perform during the Gelanggang opening at on of the high school in Pasir Puteh. Then we just didn't stop to perform, as there is always the demonstration invitation from everywhere. There were good experience, and there were also the bad moments. There were the time where everything was done smoothly, and there was the time where everything went strangely spoiled, and accidents happened. Demonstration is one of the Silat Seni Gayong training. That's why we learn the Pentas. There is the Pentas for the syllabus. But for the demonstration, we modify the existing Pentas, we add the Pelebat, we decorate it with Tari, and we furnish it with the acrobatic. We learn not only to memorize the Pentas steps, but also to create one, especially for the demo in front of the public.

Always teaching is bad, because we will loose the stamina, eventhough we'll become brighter and cleverer in terms of knowledge. But to be good in the practical way, we need to perform. The stereotype of reserving the Demo only to the young-red-belt holder is bad. People want to see the Black belt holder. People want to see what do we have behind those stripes and colors!

Among all of my demos, this one was really close to a serious accident. A Demo at MAS,Le Mee sur Seine, 2008. Even me everytime I look at the video, it reminds me that on that moment, I was sure I broke my neck, or by vertebra. Luckily, when I stood up, nothing happened. That's why I tried for the second time. The moral of the story, don't ever ever do the acrobatic stuff with your new student if they are not ready!!!! After the demo, he (Stephane) felt so guilty for what happened. It took him about a month that to regain his motivation to come to Gayong class for the training!

Silat demo mas 2008
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I broke my leg once during my training doing the "Roda" without hands.
I cut off my partner's face during Machete Pentas (Taufik Hussin). We saw ONLY the blood.
I stabbed into my partner's stomach during the Keris Pentas (Sabri Yaacob). Blood.
My Partner (Amir Mohamad) sliced my hand during Machete Pentas. Blood.
My partner (Hafiz Mohamad) sliced my hand during Machete Tekpi Pentas. And Blood.
I ...Blood
My partner...Blood
My partner...Blood

That's why Red is the color of the bravery....



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  2. Alhamdulillah.. It really close. Thanks to God...

  3. Wow! Close call!

    Bravo to Stephane for returning to Gayong. I got hit with Simbat by a new student during pentas. Split my foot open, lots of blood. He never came back. He was too shaken and couldn't do gayong anymore. I think it's harder if you are the one who hurt the person than if you personally got hurt. You feel really bad, and are shaken up. Yours is mental to overcome while the other is physical. The mental can be harder.

  4. that's right Jen! :) i took it as part of my responsibility to form him as perfect as possible. but what we can do, those thing could happen anytime to anyone. the best thing to do is just perform better in the next demo! ;)