Thursday, April 1, 2010


Adakah Pemandu Bas UPM Benar2 Telus dan Beretika???? TIDAK!!!!! Marah NI!!!!

This is my third week in UPM, at the Propulsion Lab, Aerospace Department of Faculty of Engineering. The project is interesting, my "lab-mates" are all friendly, my supervisor is the most cool and sporting Boss I've ever met, the staffs and environment is so comfortable to me. But yesterday and today, was a truly hard test for me. I took the commuter from Bandar Tasik Selatan every morning, and go out at Serdang station. To reach the engineering faculty, we need to take whether a :

1) rapidKl bus for RM1 that takes us about 30-45 minutes to reach the faculty, with half of kilometer walk distance.

2) a taxi. eventhough they have a big label "Metered Taxi", it is all bullsh*t. They said that they have to charge RM10 (one way) the student who intend to go to the campus as they cannot assure to have any passenger on the way return back. In most of the time, they have. Even you are from the campus going to the commuter station, they still charge you RM10! ...... pussies.....! >8((

3) luckily, as a UPM student, we have a bus coming from and to campus to fetch the students at the commuter station. Bad thing is, it's once per hour.

I came quite late yesterday, and arrived at the commuter station at about 10 o'clock in the morning. I waited for about one hour and half, and the UPM bus appeared. When I wanted to enter the bus, the driver asked where am I going. I said to the faculty of engineering. He said that he's not going there. So where are you going then Sir? He said that the bus is going to UPM. Excuse me? The faculty is inside the UPM. How come that the bus is not going to that faculty. The driver make his 10 cents, and poyo-like facial treatment, asking my UPM student card. I said that my student card is not ready yet. He asked me many stupid questions just to not allow me to take "his" bus. Finally, I were "kicked out" from the bus.

I looked to my self.. I am wearing a black t-shirt, a camouflage army-like pants, a pair of selipar jepun, and long curly hair.Hmmmmm.... Ok, so they must taught that I'm the outsider, pretending to be a student. What the heck? At least he could have thought that I'm a master student who can wear anything without strict regulation like the undergraduate students. But how come that he didn't ask other students' ID instead of me? They also were wearing round-neck t shirt, and slippers, and none of them showing their IDs. So that driver must be judging my hair. He is one of a good example of typical Malay people. We like to judge people from the outside. We love to give a good appriciation for the nice-looking people. That's why many were easily cheated by a long-sleeve predator.

Yesterday, and today, I forgive the driver. Tomorrow, I'll stay in the bus. If he ever tries to kick me out, I'll kick him first. Then I'll back hand him his Cekodok face. Then I'll Seligi his solar plexus. And finally I'll stab my right feet rightly inside his "battery". Don't ever play-play with me aaa.

Au Revoir.



  1. biasa la bang.. tahun 2010 dah, tapi yang namanya melayu masih lagi dok dalam rimba..

  2. Salam...
    Selamat kembali Kim... itulah Malaysia truly Asia... rakyatnya yg sangat bersopan santun....

    Bila nak turun gelanggang puchong?

  3. salam abg jail. tgh dok arrange jadual. insyaAllah kalo sempat dlm mggu ni. ;) errr... bole kerr? uhuhuuuhuh