Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bergayong With Brother Hafiz

It was our preparation for the IPO 2009 at Paris. We trained at one of my previous club at Nanterre. One of the experience that unforgettable is that we continue our training far away from Paris, about 20minutes by train. It was a public park, which was already closed because we arrived there at midnight! However thinking about the importance to perform a good demo at international event like IPO, we continued the training until 4 in the morning although the parc was dark and we were frezing cold! We went back home together by latenight bus until Paris, but we finally separated. I went out at one stop, while Cikgu Hafiz continued his journey to La Defense. It was only in the next morning that I got a message that he was lost, and only arrived at his destination at almost 8 a.m! At 12 p.m we had already to move to the stadium for the demo!!! But what we could say, this is our obligation. The few Malay left at Europe who are still proud with the art of Silat Seni Gayong. To brother Hafiz, thank you very much for you support to Gayong France.

Cikgu Hafiz, was the one who created the Gayong Midlands, when he was a Master engineering student at Stock of Trent. He was the one who came to support the Gayong club of Plymouth as a martial art coordinator in a theater presented by the Malaysian students.

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