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PAK NGAH IZAHAR: Senior Gayong Master of Batu Kurau

Pak Ngah Izahar shared some stories to us

Pak Ngah Izahar is one of the first batch to learn and to train with the late Dato' Meor in Perak. He got his Green Belt in the Jun 1959, and one of the holder of Gurulatih card issued by the Mahaguru. (There were only 11 cards issued, and his card has a serial number of 007! Malay James Bond lol)

Gurulatih card. VIP pass to bring weapons! lol

I still remember my first encounter with him, couple of years ago. I met him after being introduced by Cikgu Nasir during the Pencak Silat competition at Kota Bharu. While other Gayong Masters were sitting on the stage with their Silat uniform, Sandang and Belt, Pak Ngah Izahar was modestly sitting with the young Pesilats, in a normal outfit.

Black Belt certificate signed by Mahaguru

As a young Gayong student, I am always in the searching for the art of Silat Seni Gayong. I am in a great hunger and thirst for the knowledge. One of my experience, being tested by the outsiders inside my Gelanggang always forced me to be a better Gayong practitioner. Alhamdoulillah, from the Barokah of doing some Petua given by this old Master, any outsider came inside my Gelanggang will bow and show their respect. I am nothing to compare with those seniors and Masters. Hopefully my destiny with Gayong will last until my last breath ...

Bengkong Hijau certificate old school style

Spending sometimes with this "Old" Master, I learnt some Adab and correct manners one should do to learn with a Master. I would like to share some of my opinion, which I find really important and valid for everyone.

Respect the Adab (procedures) if you want to learn with someone. If there is a verbal contract, then you must keep the promise. If you invite a Master to teach you some lesson (make a seminar for example), treat him the best way you could. "Lapar, lapar semua. Kenyang, kenyang semua" (bad or good is faced together). Think about his welfare, the transport, accommodation, meals, and his time. A Master normally won't talk about money. He has family to support. It is our responsibility to understand this and to make him happy to teach and give us his valuable knowledge. He deserves to be paid with a reasonable gratitude. Think it as his salary for the whole seminars, and don't forget his pocket money during the seminars. By the way, he is here because of our invitation, right?

A lesson (Ilmu), needs the Barokah. The Barokah comes when the way of getting the Ilmu is by using a good way. We need the permission from the Master before teaching it to others. This is the trust that we must keep. Traditionally, as long as the Master is still alive, you won't teach it to anyone, except that you get his permission first.

Never feel ashamed to learn, even with someone who is younger or has the "Chula" (stripes on the belt) less than your's. Be a student is always a safe way. Be a Master then everything is your responsibility. Throw away our egos, and come to learn as an empty glass. If we come by considering us as a full glass of water, nevertheless how much the "new" water poured by the Master, nothing will stay.

Never sell this art. If the late Mahaguru wanted to be rich, he would have been a rich man. It doesn't mean that a student must not pay anything to learn Gayong. This is a sacrifice that one must do to gain the knowledge. But a teacher would never refuse a student who has no money to learn with him. In exchange, the student can help the Master to train the beginners, or make some service to the Master.

Last but not least, let search and seek the knowledge of Silat Seni Gayong from the old Gayong Masters before it is too late. Many had left us, and we should never let the art disappears with them. Forget the clash and the difference between us, smash and crush your "Nafs", and never felt ashamed to learn!!!

Special thanks to Pak Ngah Izahar for spending his time with us. To Faiz and Adi, merci beaucoup! Hope to have more chance in the future to train together. Many thanks to Ustaz Khalid, and also to Cikgu Nasir & Cikgu Muzairi for making this happen. All respect to all anak-anak Gayong Batu Kurau and Bachok.

Saya dengan rendah diri memohon Guru-Guru semua sudi menunjuk ajar diri saya. Yang mana terlanggar adat dan adab, teguran dipohon. Diri masih jahil dan kurang ilmu dalam bergayong. Yang mana terlanjur kata dan bahasa, maaf dipohon. Terima Kasih pada yang sudi menerima. Bak kata orang tua, Silat itu Silaturrahim....

discussing after every training is a must... don't forget the pillows! ;)

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