Monday, April 26, 2010

Overcome the Pain

Silat Seni Gayong is known for it's hard training a la commando. The pain is our routine. The bloods, bruise and swollen is a daily gift! ;) Since I was white belt, last sixteen years ago, we were trained to hit as hard as possible our partner, while at the same time to receive the "hit" from our partner barely. At the beginning, we were trained not only to escape the attack, but also to work on the keeping the breath while being "attacked". This is I think the specialty of Silat Seni Gayong training. It has much similarities with the Kyokushinkai Karate, where the training is done in a hard way. Being a "Lasak" boy (strong, stubborn and endurance) is a must. Most of the students were not meant to be a real Gayong practitioner. As we always know, it is not you who choose Gayong, it's Gayong who is choosing you. We were almost hundred at the beginning, but only eleven left, that passed the red belt grading.

I remembered many things extreme that we tried to achieve the perfection. My partner Sabri was accidentally stabbed by a Keris. He was my first partner, and I admit that it was with him I knew my first "Pain". We received a praise by our Masters for our "unkindness, inconsiderate and unsympathetic severe Pukulan". We trained everyday at the Gelanggang Gong Serapat, for 3 years. After starting the weapons lessons, and becoming the Jurulatih, I thought the pain thing is finished. Especially when we are the Gurulatih, spending most of the time to teach, the ability to hit hard, and to "tolerate" the pain becomes weaker.

But luckily, Silat Seni Gayong has no "Khatam". Meaning that, the late Mahaguru taught so many thing that even a constant learning and training more than 10 years, I still found myself a dummies in front of a newly met Master. Every Master has his own specialty. Many bare hands technics are still there to be mastered. A part from the Kombat, Kunci Maut, Pecahan Kunci and Pukulan, the Pukulan Wanita, derived and selected from the "Jurus" or "Seni" of Silat Seni Gayong. Well brothers and sisters, it's time to get rock n roll! Feel the pain, and you will master the names! ;)

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Megat Terawis Trang Tang Tang

Cikgu Zul Sawa the Sinking Python

Cikgu Radzwan the Black Panther

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