Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mahaguru with Sundang Lipas and Keris

Just to share for those who didn't watch it yet. The video is from Chula Hitam's Channel of Youtube (Cikgu Azizan of Gayong Labuan). I think it was uploaded since last year. Ayahanda Amin Hamzah was showing the Sundang Lipas movements. Sundang Lipas is a double lames sword of Bugis people. It is tied normally with Sarong to be put on the back.

Just a word: Beautiful...! ;)

An article of Sundang from Pak Pendita:

The Sundang Lipas, Pedang Sabil and the Ceremony Keris of the late Dato' Meor (photo from Panglimahitam.blogspot)

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