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Cikgu Mohd. Amin bin Hamzah was born on 13th of May 1947 at Sungai Siput, PERAK. He is one of the Gurulatih Kanan of PSSGM and a holder of Bengkung Harimau Pelangi Chula Sakti Hitam (Black Belt) 3rd DAN directly from the late MAHAGURU himself. The other master who had also received a black belt 3rd DAN was Cikgu Badek Ruzzaman of Gayong Warisan. Receiving such a high belt ranking from MAHAGURU meaning that he is not a 'normal' Gayong master. He was then upgraded to 5th DAN after MAHAGURU died by the Waris Amanah the late Cikgu Ahmad Lazim and Waris Amanah Mutlak the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom. He recently holds the 6th DAN of Black Belt.

He is also the holder of Sandang Apit Jinjang (Grandmaster maid of honor), Sandang Harimau Malaya (Malayan Tiger), Pemegang Amanat Mahaguru (MAHAGURU keeper of the thrust), Gurulatih Kanan Sepanjang Hayat (Senior Instructor for life time), Member of National Customary Board Council, Member of Higher National Coach Council and the Vice president of PSSGM PERAK.

He started his path in Gayong on 22th March 1967 with the late Cikgu Ahamd Lazim. When he was young, he joined the Tae Kwon Do club. But hearing that Silat Seni Gayong will hold a demonstration at Lumut in 1967, which is really far from his house, he took the bus and went to see the demo. He saw the first prime minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Alhaj also came to become a student of Gayong and received a Sandang from the late MAHAGURU.

Receiving the belt from Mahaguru

Demonstrating brick breaking on a student

Coconut breaking

Car passing on his hand

He started to learn with MAHAGURU in 1975. Before that, he only learned with Cikgu Ahmad Lazim. After finishing his work at the Hong Kong Bank, he went to MAHAGURU's house at Ayer Kuning, 3 times a week for 6 months non stop every year. In 1977 he passed his yellow belt with a friend from Kuala Kangsar. In 1980, he passed his black belt, after receiving MAHAGURU's permission of performing the Perlimau and being his representative. During his Black Belt grading, he was asked to hod up a 500 pound (227 kg) iron bar, hanged up by his neck with a rope to a tree, holding a Sundang (double blade sword) with his bare hands to its blades while MAHAGURU pulled it up, and even hold his breath in the water as long as MAHAGURU wanted. After having done various test, physically, mentally, spiritually, he was then rewarded the 3rd DAN Black Belt by the MAHAGURU.

He then replaced the late Cikgu Ahmad Lazim who was then "took" a rest in Gayong to concentrate on his business. It was the last time (1980) that the Gayong practitioners received the belts after tested directly by the late MAHAGURU, with the traditions. The belts were awarded officially by the King of Perak to the masters of Gayong at that time. Cikgu Amin Hamzah was the one who loyal and stayed with the late MAHAGURU until he passes away. If we see this Master, regardless his age, still traveling all over the country to teach Silat Seni Gayong, it is only because the thrust and hopes of the late MAHAGURU to him.

Every time he tells us the stories about the late MAHAGURU, his eyes will be full of tears, crying, showing us how close he was with MAHAGURU...... ;_(

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