Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Cikgu Sham, Pak Su Awang Daud & Cikgu Jail

I met him during a program with Ayahanda Amin Hamzah at Ipoh last time. It is always said that the Kelantanese (people who born in Kelantan) has the "assobiyah", or their strong attachment with their language/dialect Kelate (which is shared also with people at the south of Thailand, the ancient Malay Kingdom of Patani) . As usual, when I met him, this "special bond" made us close quickly. He is a professional lawyer, a graduate Bachelor and Master in law from UKM.

In Silat, he is a holder of Black Belt of Silat Seni Gayung Pusaka. A direct student of Cikgu Majid Mat Isa and Cikgu Awang Daud at Gurun, Kedah. He is so modest that most of the time doesn't want to talk about him, but prefers talking about his Masters. I participated in his program with his students of visiting the Old Gayong Masters at the north of Malaysia. Believe me, even though my Mom was quite mad of me because rushing from Kelantan to Slim River where my brother lives,and spend a time just to give my brother the Keropok and Lepuk before taking a train from there to Butterworth, and "jumping" from bus to bus, Butterworth- Sungai Petani - Gurun, and moreover it was raining cats and dogs, I was happy to have had made it.

Cikgu Sham is the Gurulatih (if I'm not mistaken he is the 'Boss') of KSSGSJ: Kelab Silat Seni Gayong Subang Jaya. He and others Gurulatih have the Gelanggang all around Selangor: Puchong, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Petaling Jaya, Sepang, Subang Jaya and at Kelantan. Not bad. YES, NOT BAD AT ALL! ;) Moreover, they have complete equipments and good pedagogical system too.

What I like about him, other than his skills and experiences, is that his effort to visit many Gayong Masters, which for certain, has already been forgotten by the young Gayong practitioners. From Singapore to Penang, just only to visit the old Gurus needs a great understanding and great sacrifice (financial and time) in Gayong. This routine should be practiced by the young generation, as a simple visit, will make these Gurus feel appreciated and ease their difficulties if we can help them financially.

Errr.... kalo tersalah tulis, maap yer abe sham. Jgn kunci daku....! hehehehe

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