Thursday, August 27, 2009


Cikgu Ezhar with the Mayor & Wife

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas is one of the Senior Gurulatih that still active teaching in Selangor. I met him when he came to United Kingdom under the invitation of Cikgu Ariffin Yeop, the Gayong UK Khalifah for the Graduation Ceremony held in Penzance. His specialties is the Rajawali (Phoenix) Technics and Cindai Jantan (Male Cindai). Spending couple of days with him was a great experience. I got much information about the elders Guru - Guru Tua of Gayong.

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas has also the experience of healing people by using the traditional methods. Alhamdulillah, at least me and my brother, Hafiz (from Gayong Midlands) had a chance to learn some methods and petuas, which are important as a Gayong teacher. If I'm not mistaken, he is a holder of Sandang Singa Harimau Berantai (Chained Tiger Lion) and 6th DAN of Black Belt. In 1990's he came was among the Gayong fighters who invited to do the demonstration during the IPO at Bercy, Paris: Cikgu Mufti Ansari, Cikgu Rasol etc.

Cikgu Ezhar with Cindai Jantan technics

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas came to UK to award Cikgu Ariffin Yeop a sandang as the Khalifah for Europe and also to his students from UK and Spain. As for me and Hafiz, we were honored to be invited to perform a demo for the ceremony. Moreover, until now I do not understand, why we had to do the demo two times on that day. Oh yeah! I remember now, it was because the journalist and his photographer were coming late that all demos must be done again! hehehehe

Cikgu Hafiz (Otai Midlands) and Cikgu Hakim (Otai France) in actions! ;p

Cikgu Ariffin was endorsed by the late Cikgu Razali Salleh to be the Chief of Gayong UK. Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, who was one of the right man of Cikgu Razali accepted the thrust to "take care" of Gayong UK activities. Cikgu Ariffin, son of a Malay national warrior, Yeop Mahidin, is an artist too. He organized the Silat Melayu theater and was a Silat choreographer in Puteri Gunung Ledang movie. He is also the Guru Utama Silat Haq Melayu (Maap Cikgu Ipin kalo tersalah istilah! huuhuhuh ;p)

Cikgu Ariffin was endorsed by Cikgu Ezhar Abbas

I heard the idea of Gayong International for the first time with Cikgu Sulaiman, the pioneer of Silat Seni Gayong in United States of America. And there at Penzance, it was the first Gayong International gathering. Well, it is sure that it's not a simple task. Everyone must participate as many thing more should be discussed, mostly about the syllabus and the Adat power. The need of a council, formed by a group of Malay Gurulatihs, to supervise the Gayong activities outside Malaysia is mandatory. We don't want Silat Seni Gayong outside Malaysia loose it's identity, and it's tradition, as like as what happens in certain Gayong clubs in Arab's countries... (this thing must be taken seriously!!!)

Cikgu Hafiz, Cikgu Ariffin and Me

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