Sunday, August 9, 2009

JOIX : My Warrior Cat

Dédicacé à mon chat: Joix

Dear Joix (Pronounced as "Zhuu-Ar": Meaning Happiness and Joy)

He is the master of trickery
He is the master of stealth and shadow art
He is the master of wall and mezzanine climbing
He is the master of flies-catching poison paw
He is the master of home-furniture destroyer
He is the master of lightning speed runner
He is the master of auto-react with the moving objects...and the non-moving too!

He is curious and good learner
He knows every door and every neighbor of 6th level
He knows how many cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians and dogs walk along the Rue de La Grange aux Belles everyday
He knows every kind of food,
and knows how to wake his master up for it with his paws and wet nose!
He likes sweet dish and pizzas!
He watches television and movies
He knows how does it feel when jumping on the hot electric stove
He travels already far away from Paris to Nice by train
He inspected amicably everyone in the coach
He does his 'needs' ONLY in his sand tray!

He learns Silat from me and keeps practicing it day and night with me or alone
He loves weapons
He is the culprit of my full-of-scar body
And He teaches me the fatal cat moves that no "mice or rat" could resist my jurus! LOL

He does not know that he is indeed a cat
What He knows is that He inherits a sharp fang like Mummy
and a strong paws and legs like Daddy
That's why Mummy Nyz and Daddy Keem love you
Joix le Chat Guerrier...!

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