Monday, August 31, 2009


Tok Janggut's grandson (i've forgotten his name) holding the sacred keris...

Merdeka, is "l'indépendance" in French. "Merde" in French meaning something not good to say here. That's why,when I say Merdeka as a Malay word, it is because I do feel really happy and patriotic on that night. But thinking of my experience celebrating the Merdeka night at the Dataran Merdeka and the Bukit Bintang, make my Merdeka wish as French word.... Merde-ka!!!! Merde-ka!!! Merde-ka!!! (dedicated to those ... keep reading my post!)

The best Merdeka celebration in Malaysia is during the Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Because everyone comes to the mosque to pray and to thank to Allah for His gift to us. I used to hate a Merdeka night in certain places, as the programs seems so "mat saleh" (extremely westernized!), and don't show that we are really independent from colonization. It hurts me to see Malay Moslem teens, drink beers while the Malay girls not wearing "a proper" clothes sit happily in their arms. They do it for the sake of Merdeka day. What a sad thing to see. I always feel disgusting when a Malay try to be like more "american" by doing those wild thing, while I'm here in France, surrounded by the good and civilized Mat Salehs, never wanting to do things forbidden by religion! A complete wannabe, but unfortunately, they take only the bad thing from outside!

The Merdeka Day in 2006, I was in Malaysia. I celebrated it at my town Pasir Puteh. It was much much more modest, yet meaningful. They invited the grandson of Tok Janggut, (Haji Mat Hassan), the people's warrior during the British colonization, who raised rebellion against the Kelantan monarchy for co-operating with the British in 18th century. His grandson, in his wheelchair, aided by some assistants, took out the Keris of his grandfather, which used during the battle for independence.

This Merdeka, I was informed that the National Geographic Channel , with the co operation of News Straits Times, made a documentary about Silat Seni Gayong. Cikgu Shamsuddin, the Silat Seni Gayong master in United States of America, with his senior student Joel Champs camped in Malaysia, to film their "voyages" inside one of the biggest Silat organization in Malaysia. As what I can see in the pictures, circulating in the net, the Gayong Masters, like Cikgu Rasol Abdul Ghani (master of Cikgu Rais, my demo partner during IPO 2008!) and Cikgu Kahar Redza, with his son Cikgu Jazwan from Gelanggang Nirwana. Ah! Please upload the program as soon as possible to youtube please!!! Anyone? I need to watch and enjoying this before this "Merdeka" feeling will vanish due to the climate changing in Paris! heheheeehe

Hopefully to meet those great masters really soon. Even though I haven't met yet physically with those Masters, but we have been contacting by the telepathic powers that we practice in Gayong! LOL ;)

All credits to the photographers. I'm just sharing it with everyone. Many thanks.

Joel Champs: a mat saleh learning Gayong

Cikgu Norazman (UPSI Master) and Cikgu Jazwan Kahar (Cikgu Kahar's son)

Pak Pow melangkah...

Cikgu Sam in action... he is one of Otai Tetak Tak Lut in America. ;)

Cikgu Sam and his brother, Cikgu Shamsul

The famous one of Malayan Tiger, Cikgu Rasol Ghani

Cikgu Malik was looking for something to be chooped down...

Cikgu Kahar Redza (The Late MAHAGURU's personal driver)


  1. I'll add some commentary to the people in the photos. My spelling is bad, I apologize. From top to bottom:
    1. Joel Champ training Sundang
    2. Cikgu Azman and Cikgu Jaz training Sundang
    3. Pak Pow training Keris with one of his students
    4. Cikgu "Sam" Sheikh Shamsuddin
    5. Cikgu Sam and his brother, Cikgu Shamsul (wearing USGF shirt:)
    6. Cikgu Rasol and company breaking bottles (someone posted a clip of this on youtube: Cikgu Rasol, Cikgu Jaz, Joel and Khairul (I think) all broke bottles!
    7.Cikgu Malik training Sundang
    8. Cikgu Kahar (waited patiently as my camera focused :)

    Thanks for posting Cikgu Hakim!

  2. thank you Jen! happy merdeka day!!!! ;)

  3. salam... huhu

    besh...besh.... ramai cikgu2 lama dlm ni..

    huhu~ pic no 2 tu
    cikgu norazman... de pembetulan sedikit...

  4. hehhehehe, tenkiu cikgu jent. eh xper ker pkai photo reyokiwara pasal majlis sandang tu? nk tunjuk cikgu2 lama jer... ;)