Monday, August 24, 2009

Dr KAMAL: Lintau Malaysia

Pancaindera Seni Silat Lintau Malaysia is one of the first silat organisation in Malaysia. It is claimed that Lintau is the oldest Silat style in the Nusantara, originated from the village of Lintau, from where the name of that silat was taken. Last time when I went back to Malaysia, I spent a couple of hours talking, discussing and "silating" with one of the most important Lintau leader and master, Dr. Kamal from Pasir Puteh. We had planned to go to Perak, at the district of Kampar, but since I was rushing to go back to KL and had a well charged schedule back there, we didn't make it. Moreover, we were planning to meet the all Masters of Lintau who are still active preserving this art throughout Malaysia, and film them all in action. The most bizarre thing that i want to see is the Khatam ceremony, where a Guru must drive the Pusaka Keris inside the students head.

Dr Kamal is not a stranger in Pencak Silat community in Kelantan. The most unique, and the most popular in his way! He started learning Silat since at 14 in 1974 at Sungai Petani with the late Chegu Anuar Wahab, the Guru Utama of Seni Silat Gayung Fatani Malaysia. At that time, his Silat was not named yet as Gayung Fatani. Dr Kamal learn much more the Kerohanian (Religious-Spirituality) with the master. He started his first path in the Lintau with Jurulatih Abang Hadi, of Lintau Tapak Tiga style, in 1975 at village Padang Asam, Padang Rengas, Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The Gelanggang was opened by Guru Pak Mat RAshid (Ahmad bin Rashid) at the house of Pak Da Abas. Dr Kamal learn Lintau until he finished Tapak Tiga completely. In 1976, he went to Ipoh to continue his searching of Lintau by learning it with Haji Abdul Mulok bin Ideham, as known as Pak Encik, the Guru Utama Pancaindera Seni Silat Lintau Malaysia and Pak Bakar, one of his best man.

There are a number of Lintau styles, the TAPAK TIGA and the TAPAK EMPAT being the most prominent of the 12 styles of Lintau. The most basic of all these styles is the MACAN or HARIMAU LINTAU style (different in a way with the HARIMAU MINANG style, althought LINTAU is from MINANGKABAU). Dr Kamal is one of the few remaining instructors of the many forms of Lintau styles as I have witnessed in Pasir Puteh recently.

The TAPAK TIGA style is the most lethal of the styles and is not encouraged to be used sparingly. One stroke will cause death in a matter of minutes. The most LETHAL of the style is the PUKULAN NYAWA ROKOK SEBATANG (The blow that will kill you in a matter of minutes). As Dr Kamal puts it, after performing the pukulan, light a cigarette, and as soon as you finish smoking, the attacker/assailant dies....

The TAPAK TIGA style is based on GARAK JO CARIK (GERAK DAN GERI: Movement and Locking)

The TAPAK EMPAT comprises of 7 main IBU SILAT and a total of 343 IBU is to be learnt before one is given the title of GURU SILAT.

For students, they are first taught the 7 main IBU and from there they will be taught 35 IBU and ANAK before the first khatam ceremony.

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