Friday, August 28, 2009

Powerfulness of Powerless

I'm always wondering, why we need power.
Power is vital.
Power is movement.
Power is life.
Power is everything.

But when the power is limited.
We crush our brothers.
For the name of survival.
We sacrifice our fraternity
For the name of priority.

Power can bring the harmony.
Yet it also can cause disaster.
Too much power, dictatorship.
Divide the power, conflict.
Either way is always bad.

In a spiritual brotherhood also.
The war for a power happens.
Two groups, two reasons.
The third group choose to remain in silence.
Break the blood links and disappear in the air thin.

I used to admire this world.
And the people.
But the older I become.
The more greedy ghosts surround me.
Posses me, harass me, and trick me.

Should I let mine go.
Keeping in mind that this belong to destiny.
Or must I protect it.
Whether it cost me everything?
Even to decide, I need power.

They who give me this power.
Will only make me bonded and attached.
Inside, I'm strong.
Outside, I'm nothing.
I must go free to be a real man in the real reality.

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