Friday, August 21, 2009

Gayong 3 Kalimah

I don't have much information about their activities in Kelantan. But Pak Jab, the Guru of Gayong Tiga Kalimah was one of the Kelantanese that had the chance to learn with the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman. Due to some conflict happened in Gayong Kelantan, he went out and 'walk alone' with his family. As far as I could remember, most of his childrens are the Gurulatihs of Gayong. Cikgu Wadi, Cikgu Azham and two sisters (which I couldn't remember their names) were the Gurulatihs that came and train us at the volley ball court of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kamil.

I heard that he was hospitalized last time. Hopefully he is better now. InsyaAllah, I'm waiting the time I go back again to Malaysia to pay him a visit. He is the one who performed my Mandi Tapak and my first Mandi Minyak.

I got a lot of photos at that time, when I was still young teenager. But all of the photos are all left at home. I still remember that time, when we camped at Kem Kijang, the late Cikgu Mat Lazim came and showed some skills with the Gurulatihs. He even showed us his pistol and ask one of the Gurulatih point it out to him. In a blink of eye, he took the Gurulatih down.

The photo above was given by Cikgu Azizan.

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