Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kunci Maut Kucing

My Cat Joix always attacks me while I was training. He just cannot resist to play with me. It is too much now. He grows bigger now, his strikes are much more devastating and his bite and claws leave me scars here and there!

So after secretly observing his martial arts training with his toys, I create this Cat Mortal Locks (the incredible Kunci Maut Kucing) , which will calm him down and make him know who is his Master!

To all the underage surfer, please leave this page as these photos are disturbing, violent and not suitable for you!!! Don't do this at home with your cat or kitten. Practiced only under observation by the professionals. ;p

The Kuncis: Voilà voilà! ;)

Kunci Patah Layar Hempap Lengan

Kunci Pasung Maharaja Kucing

Kunci Cengkam Rajawali

Kunci Panggang Kambing

Kunci Ramas Mutlak

Kunci Malaikat Subuh

Kunci Cekik Depan

Gurau jer noooo..... ;p

Well, now he knows that he won't be able to beat me, at least for the time being. Ok, before breaking fast, I have to take him out to the playground, not far from where I live. Even though we are in the center of Paris, there is still a nice spot to "play-play" with your cat or dog. Ok Joix, Silat time!!! ZATTTT! ;)

Selamat Berbuka Puasa semua! ;)