Sunday, August 9, 2009


It is just that i miss those anak gayongs who were with me during all along year 2008. It is indeed not an easy job to create something from zero. Moreover, me and almost of my Gayong brothers and sisters in Ireland, France and UK are students: engineering, business, finance, accounting, medics and so on. We are not full time Pesilat, although we train everyday. We are not paid for this, but we do for the sake of Gayong. We are occupied with our studies and examinations, but still when time comes to do the demonstrations, we sacrifice some of our precious time and concentration just because it's our obligation to promote this art. If i'm not mistaken i've been to Ireland, 6 times just in 2008. Even I recognize every custom officers at the Beauvais airport because of that! Spending my time at the Gayong Ireland's President, Taro, a future doctor of RSCI, i've always received a warm welcome from them. Kak Izdza,the super senior (already went back to malaysia for good) and others formed a really good group.

Eventhough we undergo some technical problem with RSCI, I am completely positive and optimist for the future of Gayong Ireland. I think it is the time for Anak Gayong in Ireland to be more independant, rather than depending on the university. Our association is legal, and should continue the activities no matter the problem is. Concerning the expenditure of holding any ceremony, we must create a way to generate the economy. Make a self-defence seminars, or a cultural night, or books and CDs to be sold, by the name of Gayong Ireland.

My hope, this opening of 2009/2010, we will do a better and stronger association. The future of our bonding is in our hands. And me, I'll give my full strength, blood and tears to make that what we have started will last for our next generation.... Amin.

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