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Sandang Award Ceremony: The Masters behind...

Photo from Reyokiwara blog

I was informed by Cikgu Jent of Reyokiwara about the ceremony of Awarding the Sandang at Hotel Sri Malaysia, IPOH. Unfortunately, I was already coming back to France. The ceremony was attended by many Gayong Masters, Cikgu Sazali (the MAHAGURU's son), Pak Ngah Izahar (MAHAGURU's senior student), Ustaz Khalid, Cikgu Adiwijaya (if I'm not mistaken, as seen in the photo) and others (Sorry! As I'm still new with other Gayong masters). Congratulations to all the Gayong practitioners who were awarded the Sandangs.


Well, Pak Ngah Izahar is one of MAHAGURU's student, who still teaches until now. Many lessons had been taught by MAHAGURU to him, which is not every Masters have. If the Madura weapon like Celurit, and the Buku Lima (iron knuckle) attracts your attention, and your are absolutely want to learn it, then you must "bodek-bodek" him! ;p (just joking, what I want to say is you have to learn it from him). He is modest, and simple looking man. The first time I met him was in Kota Bharu, during the Pencak Silat competition. When every Masters came with their black uniforms and sandangs, Pak Ngah Izahar was simply with his shirt and slacks, sitting among the crowds, far from being targeted and seen as a MAHAGURU's direct student. That's how he always acting.....

Pak Ngah showing a cindai technic (from blog Ibnulazim: Cikgu Faiz)

Recently, I heard that a group from Tunisia came to learn with him. Hopefully everything was fine. He is the only one, (as far as I have seen) to make a 'pumping' only with his thumbs. There was a story about a European, a martial art artist, who learn kick boxing, jujitsu and whatever you can list at his country. He came to Malaysia to find MAHAGURU. It was too late for him, as the late MAHAGURU was already passed away. He came to Air Kuning, looking for any senior student with whom he can challenge to test whether Silat Seni Gayong is as good as he heard. He finally met Pak Ngah Izahar. Doesn't need to wait too long, that guy was being kicked his *** by Pak Ngah Izahar, using one of Gayong lesson: the Tiger claws.

Last time, I heard he was quite ill, but still continued to teach anyone who came to his house. I met one of his student, Pendekar Soffuan, a Silat fighter who represented Malaysia in Silat Olahraga during the International Paris Open of Pencak Silat 2009 last time. He said that Pak Ngah teaches a lot and to many students, but not as many as he teaches the Kelantanese. Haha! Who are those lucky Kelantanese? I asked him with a big smile, even though I already knew the answer.....!!! It refers to Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Muzairi and others from Gayong Warisan Kelantan....


When I was at Batu Kurau, Ustaz Khalid also was there. He is known for the arms locks technics. I was quite amazed to see those quite similar technics which I saw only in Dojo when my Sensei showed the Aikido locks. Are all these been taught in Gayong? Yes, it is just that there is no more word "Do" in Gayong. "Do" is a way of life. Referring more on the sport form of a martial art. But I'd rather say "Jutsu". "Jutsu" conveys the image of a style and art form. Essentially something taken to its highest level. In the instance of the martial arts interpretation, Jutsu refers to the movement and style of martial technique. In one word, Painful! I heard also when the late MAHAGURU went to Serawak, one of the great master there was locked by him in a blink of eye using one of the arm technic. Wao! This must be great to learn this lesson!!! (I always intend to 'joke-joke' with my Gayong partner with this! hehhehe ;p)

Ustaz Khalid was bullying a student! ;p (photo from blog Cikgu Nasir)


Unfortunately, I had not have the chance to meet Cikgu Sazali last time in Perak. As what I've heard, he is the master of breaking tiles, bricks, and other crazy stuffs of resistance and endurance. Should meet him one day! I had some videos, given by Cikgu Azizan, showing Cikgu Sazali doing a demo. He is the late MAHAGURU's son (actually adopted like the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom), and now living at the Gayong training centre at Ayer Kuning.

Cikgu Azizan & Cikgu Sazali (photo of Cikgu Azizan)

Cikgu Adiwijaya Abdullah is the Pemangku Yang Dipertua of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia and the chairman of Majlis Gurulatih Kebangsaan. (source from PSSGM official website). Since I have been in France for 7 years, I was not aware with any Gayong news or what ever. But the first time I saw Cikgu Adiwijaya was in the paper, holding a conference about Gayong. If anyone had more information about him, and any others Masters in the photos, please feel free to share it with me.

Selamat Berbuka Puasa

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