Sunday, August 23, 2009


The Reyokiwara is not a simple word. By combining both Reyok and Kiwara, the author, who found the terms, claiming that the meaning can be translated as "The Ancient Warrior". The author, I met him one day at Slim River, when I brought my two nieces to play in the nearby playground. The Reyokiwara is a group of motivated teen, started by Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan, both are actives Silat Seni Gayong teachers at Perak. Young, full of energy, crazy of hunting the Gayong's treasures, and have a great understanding about the Adat and Adab towards the Gayong Masters. They are modest, but yet full of comitment and fearing that one day this art would vanish if it is not taken care rightly.

UPSI, PSAS, UTP, and other colleges are known to be "the factories" of the professional and educated Gayong teachers. They are intelligent and know the pedagogic method of transmitting the lessons. The elders of Gayong, used to be more practical. But nowadays, the needs to arrange the lessons and the explanation the self defence theory are great, as Silat Seni Gayong needs to be promoted internationally. It is them, those Gayong students from the Universitys that can do that. The author of The Malay Art of Self Defense, Cikgu Sam, is a professional (engineer) at United States. The author of Gayong books like MAHAGURU, Organisasi dan Kuasa Adat, and Selayang Pandang, Cikgu Wan Ahmad Fauzi, is a professional lawyer. The first ever Gayong book was the Tempur Tanpa Senjata (and now the latest is TETAK), made by the Gayung Pusaka, whose the Master is Cikgu Majid Mat Isa. Eventhough he teaches only Silat Seni Gayong, but he is talented and could have been working as a teacher at school, but never realize it due to his love to Gayong.

So when I met the Great Duo, Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan, knowing that they are the students of Cikgu Nor Azman, who is one of the Gayong Master, I was sure that both of them had learn a lot and sincere in their action. They were conducting Gayong class for the children, and believe me, it is not easy to teach children! In France, we used to have a class for children too, but for the reason of safety, and here they need more insurans and licence to conduct a class with children, so sadly we have to give it up.

This time, I met with Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan. Next time I'll meet their Master, InsyaAllah. So the glorious Reyokiwara, here I come! I'm gonna need a partner to train there. So who would be my blood and tears brother?!!!! ;)


  1. huhu....
    smoga kite bertemu lg cikgu ku...!!

  2. insyaallah Cikgu Jent, kita jumpa bulan 3 tahun dpan di slim river.... hhehehehehe ;)

  3. tahniah cikgu jent n cikgu lan..arap cikgu jent kenal sy lg