Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gayong is Everywhere...

Malaysian students are everywhere. Gayong is everywhere.
Some memories i want to share...

L'exposition de la Malaisie: 2004

Demo at university's (IUT de Colmar) restaurant hall: COLMAR

Chinese Taiko Alex & Malay Otai Skinhead

Kuyu, Me n Abu Dzar (Malaysia Exposition)

Gelanggang all over the world....

Che Det and friends

Gayong training

Gayong training at NZ

Gayong does exist in New Zealand. The reality is that Gayong exists everywhere, as long as there is Anak Gayong, there is the Gelanggang. Che Det, as he introduced himself to me, is a new Gayong student. But what surprise me is his motivation, trying to set up a group of Anak Gayong there. It reminds me to Srikandi Izdza and Panglima Taro, who contacted me for the first time to set up a Gayong association in Ireland. We set up Gayong club inside RCSI (Royal College of Surgeon of Ireland) at Dublin. Other senior students like Cikgu Fadzil, Cikgu Rais (Bristol), Cikgu Haris (UCD), Cikgu Hafiz (Gayong Midland) and Cikgu Faiz (Gayong Plymouth) also helped to make this happens. I've met also Cikgu Soffuane. But he has already came back to Malaysia. But he used to teach Gayong at Damietta, Egypt. Moreover, he had many students too there! I got one copy of their Gayong Book, a complete guide to the beginners and even the seniors! ;). I know also, Ustaz Hamzah, "rakan seguru" (we learn with same Master), a student of Cikgu Nasir teaches also there in Egypt (but i've forgotten which parts).

IPO 2008. Paris

Gayong Malaysia team with Singapore Silat Olahraga team. PARIS
(I didn't even know that child, she just came and asked me to hold her on my lap! Romantic. I think my "ilmu pengasih" works even on children!!! hehhe)

Seb, Steph, Veronique, Ipin, Idzza, Diana, Dhayanna, Haris, Taro, Rais, Irfan & me
IPO 2008

Gayong Ireland Opening Ceremony: 2007

Gayong RCSI

Cikgu Hafiz & Brother Tariq
ng Midlands)

Cikgu Fadhlil: Gayong Grading in ireland
Srikandi Izdza: I think something's missing here... did you break the coconut or not? hehe

My experience of setting up Silat Seni Gayong in France is little bit different, as in France, after the language preparation, we will be sent by the government in a new place, to continue our studies. After completing my language course at Colmar (where we were only about 14 Malaysian student in the city), I was sent to Montluçon, a truly "cowboy" town, where I was the first Malaysian ever to live and to study there! hehehehe.



Benjamin during Silat Olahraga competition

Me in Seni

With Jacques and Eric PSHT


Serge, Elodie and Me prepared the sampin

The Gelanggang

Silat Seni Gayong during the opening night

Benjamin, Hamid, Me, Benjamin, Florelle, Serge and Elodie

In a new place,in a very first day we must first make new friends. For me, I start always with 2 places, (other than your classmates of course): Mosque, where I meet many Maghrebis (potential Gayong members! ehheheh) and University sport field, where I start my first Gayong training there. I know that as a Malay, we will avoid to do any "Silat" stuff in open area. Modest and secrecy. That's Malay way. But how could I train and satisfy my need to jump and to shout "ZATTT" if there is no any single remote spot there?!! For the sake of Gayong, I 'sacrifice' my timidity, even though sometimes I feel like a fool, or think maybe they who-look-at-me talking among them that I'm quite showing off, but what can I do? But finally, I realize that my consistent training gain their respect and popularity among the university students! ;) That's how Gayong France starts.

Ustaz Hamzah in Egypt (Gayong Mesir)

Ustaz Hamzah

Demo in Egypt

Demo in Egypt

Demo Pentas Tongkat

Then, it is time for a second move, by using the power of globalization: Internet! My first free website (even though my french was totally sucks that time! ;p), was the cause I came to Lille and set up another Gayong club in the north of France. It also made me contacted by many Pencak Silat instructors in France, and was invited to the Pencak Silat gathering in the l'Isle d'Oléron, west of France, organized by Association France Pencak Silat (an association equal to PESAKA in Malaysia and IPSI in Indonesia).

Rencontre de Pencak Silat 2005

Me, Benjamin and Florelle

Langkah Sembah at L'isle d'Oléron: 2005

Gelanggang Dublin

Gayong Grading Dublin: Sundrive Park. It was freezing that day make our feet numbed!

Cikgu Rais with hand-made Lembing! ;)

To set up a Gelanggang outside Malaysia, we need firstly a affiliation form from the Gayong headquarter in Kuala Lumpur (jalan Tun Razak). Complete the form, and send your Gurulatih certificate. For those who don't know what is the Gurulatih certificate, it is a prove of your pedagogical level in teaching Silat Seni Gayong (there is 7 level of Gurulatih if i'm not mistaken), and of course, you must achieve some good level in Gayong too (certificate of your Black Belt). It is then the Gayong HQ will deliver your certificate of affiliation. In my case; Silat Seni Gayong France and Silat Seni Gayong Ireland. There is a annual fees to be paid.

For those Malaysian students who are sent to foreign country, my advice is that, you must have a permission from your Master. He knows best whether you are capable or not of creating a Gayong club outside Malaysia. If you are not yet Black Belt,and you want to set up a Gayong club where you studies, then don't waste your time by travelling around or hanging out with your friends during holidays! come back to Malaysia, and learn and learn until you pass your belt grading and a course/seminar of being a Gurulatih. When you have the permission, make your activities in the country where you live legal and has a proper place to train. This step is much more difficult, as to obtain a "Dojo", you have to convince the owner first that you are a teacher of Silat Seni Gayong. Well, everything takes time, but your training must go on, even though in the open air during winter!

Gayong Jurulatih Haris and Taro. Future Doctors. They promised me to give me free MCs. I gave them more stripes on belt. hehehhe

When you have started your club, (registered legally, obtaining the license to teach martial arts, insurance for any accidents) then you must do it seriously. No turning back, no "melepas batuk di tangga". Your club must last even when once you have already returned back to Malaysia. Teach and train your students perfectly. Working with the westerners, meaning you must have stamina and self defense technics. Develop your own way of teaching method, and up date your syllabus. The westerners are not like Asian. They learn when ONLY they have been convinced. Some come to test you. That's why, to be a Gurulatih outside Malaysia, you need to be a fighter too. Sparring must be one of your favorite lesson. Knowing other style of martial arts too will help you to face them confidently. I had too some experiences. Thank God, until now my honor and the honor of Gayong still untouched! But of course, if you intend to open a club only to Malaysian students there, don't need to fight! hehehehehe (but it is still worth to train free fighting)

Cikgu Soffuane

Cikgu Soffuane, Cikgu Adi Putra

Perlimau in Egypt

Lompatan: Auman Cikgu Soffuan



Anak Gayongs...

My hope is that, all Gayong students, who are sent to continue studies in the foreign countries, please take the chance to make your self "useful" for that country! The hope of MAHAGURU won't be realized if no one to take the challenge! I shared my experience so that it can be useful for those young students outside there! How many Yellow and Red belt Gayong students, who further their studies to US, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Egypt, Japan and other countries, but what they do is only "gantung tali pinggang" (hang up their belt). For me, it is not a right way to thanks your Master and to be gratitude of having learned the art of the late MAHAGURU!

Hope my call could be an inspiration to all gayong students out there.We are not after the names or Sandang, but it is our need to receive and to give. Give them a gift. A gift that no one else can give other than Anak Gayong himself.

Salam Ramadhan...


  1. cikgu gambar ktorg kt NZ x hensem la:P
    lain kali letak la gambar yg hensem sket.hehe

  2. hahahaa, xpe xpe. xpuas ati nanti saya buat post yg lagi cun. apa lagi, send send lah yer gambo lawa2 tu! ;)

  3. correction..

    i am not a cikgu yet.
    maybe I'll get the title next year.
    But not really a cikgu, maybe a 'sir' huhuhuhu... Not in gayong, but at school.. huhuhuhu..

  4. hehhehehe, insyaAllah. tu lagi hebat ibnulazim.... baru ader bunyi 'matsaleh' gitu! hehehhe

  5. Assalaamualaykom, em, saya nak tanya, kalau saya nak belajar silat gayong di Mesir, boleh tak? Kat mana boleh belajar? Sebab saya nanti hujung bulan 9, 2011 tiba di Mesir, dan akan belajar di sana dan tinggal di sana selama 6 tahun (ambek medic). Alang2 tu, tak nak lah stress sangat, so saya ingat baik tanya awal2 kat mana di Mesir boleh saya belajar silat gayong? Kalau boleh area El-Iskandariah ye.. Cairo pun boleh la.. Tapi preferably ALexandria :)
    Sekian, Assalaamualykom :)

  6. waalaykoumsalam saudari Aisyah. sangat bagus niat saudari ingin belajar Gayong. tapi kebanyakan sahabat saya yg mengajar di Mesir sudah balik ke malaysia. tapi masih ade jurulatih2 gayong di sana cuma mungkin masing2 tidak ada kekuatan untuk menubuhkan gelanggang. cuma saudari boleh kontek student sorang ni di Mesir, Hanees. saya kenal dia. mungkin dia dapat bantu... http://pssgmmesir.blogspot.com/
    apa2 pun semoga berjaya di Mesir dalam dunia dan akhirat! ;)

  7. Assalamualaikum pakcik saiful hakim... Apa Khabar kekanda sekeluarga.?sekian lama tidak berjumpa, kian menghilang khabar berita, semakin jauh pandangan mata, hilangkan bagai entah ke mana..? Fuh! boleh tahan jugak bahasaku ini... hehehe

  8. shukran awi2.. saya mendoakan kejayaan semua anak gayong di Mesir dan di seluruh dunia juga. Semoga berjaya dengan sangat sangat cemerlang di dunia dan di akhirat. Selamat Hari Raya.