Saturday, September 26, 2009

AWANG BODOH: Kerambit & Sarong

I am not sure whether the term of "Seni Awang Bodoh" would be different for other Gayong master. But what I've learned with Tuan Haji Mansor, Awang Bodoh is a Kerambit fight technics with both of the Pesilat are inside the Sarong. Awang Bodoh also refers to one of the Cindai technics.

I snapped few photos to show a little bit the "image" of it with my student Benjamin. This lesson normally reserved only to the experienced students. Many hand-work needed here, with many jurus to be practiced first before starting to play with the real Kerambit....


Applying some jurus (pressure points, grabs, articulation)


Striking to the vital point

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