Saturday, September 12, 2009

KERAMBIT: The Tiger's Claw

my training tool (1) : Kerambit Songsang

Believe it or not, Kerambit is one of a secret lesson in Pencak Silat. But due to the globalization, and the needs to promote the art of Pencak Silat, some great masters reveal their used-to-be unaccessible lesson. This phenomena also happens in Gayong, when one must have certain level of knowledge and experience before being allowed to be taught this art.

There are many Pencak Silat masters, whether from Europe, US or anywhere else that teach this technics. What am I surprised is that how some of them have made "big money" by selling their pencak silat DVDs, eventhough they have trained 20 years in Karate and only just discover Pencak Silat for 2 years, but still to claim as a "Guru", "Guru Besar" or even "Mahaguru"! I wish one day they will realize that what they have done is quite embarrassing in front of those people who still respect the tradition and come regularly to train Silat to Malaysia and Indonesia! Some are good, technically of course. But learning the Kerambit in a self-defense way is like learning Keris without knowing the adab and adat.

my training tool (2): Kerambit Kembar

I'm not going to criticize anyone here. ;) But what I'm trying to say is that, the real technics of this art are still kept by the old masters and they won't teach the real arts that will be filmed and sold easily in the internet. The purpose of those DVD is for the promotion of Pencak Silat, not to reveal the art itself. The best thing to learn the real thing is to come and take the lesson directly from the masters!
my training tool (3) : Double Modern Kerambit

There are several types of Kerambit. Traditionally, there is a "khatam" for this lesson. Wrapping the kerambit with clothes (to avoid any serious cuts), 2 Pesilat will fight inside a Sarong/Pelikat while both of them have their own Kerambit. The Sarong is used to limit the distance between them, make their attack and escape range closer and the fight is more likely wrestling by using the blades! It is said that it is one of the specialty of a great Pendekar named Awang Bodoh (we found also this term inside the Cindai lessons), that can fight in a little space like on a Batang Pinang made as a bridge.

My training tool (4): Traditional Kerambit

I bought my first Kerambit when I was seventeen.. It was my second "real" weapon after a Keris that took me a couple of months saving as a secondary student. The blade was made from an "old" screw from the railway, but I don't know exactly what is the wood used.

Generally, the Kerambit technics practiced in Malaysia and Indonesia are similar, only the styles will make it different. In Silat Seni Gayong, we learn more on "Seni", meaning the concept it self, with some others basics attack and defense. Encountering Cecep Arif Rahman, the Indonesian Pencak Silat demonstration group leader,permits me to learn some jurus of the Pencak Silat Panglipur, using the Kerambit, one or two at the same time.

At the end, I understand that we share the same method of learning Kerambit. Almost every lock is impossible, and the combat normally ends on the ground. That's why Kerambit also known as Tiger's claw, seems the "game" itself is like two tigers who are fighting each other....

Seminar Kerambit Pamacan with Mas Cecep Arif Rahman

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