Friday, September 25, 2009


Piazza dei Miracoli

I just came back from Italy. I spent three days to visit Pisa, Lucca and Florence. This trip was really interesting. I was the only "man", with four beautiful ladies with me! (hohohohoohoho! ;p). Actually, I bring Cikgi Nyz with her friends from UK to visit one of my favorite country, Italia. Many things bizarre happened. One of it was when Cikgi Nyz said she was thirsty, and there were no drinks machines at the women dorms or any shops inside the campsite that were still opened at midnight. Me neither, no sign of any "Selecta" machine inside the men dorm. We went out and took some air, and suddenly, one man came and gave us Salam. He was the guardian. Introducing himself as Said, an Egyptian who works there, he asked us whether he can treat us a drinks! He went back into his office, and bring us one bottle of mineral water, one bottle of gas still water and a fruit juice! We exchanged our address, and took a photos. That's how Cikgi Nyz's wish was granted on the spot!

With Brother Said at the camp site

Secondly, after visiting Pisa, we were going to move to Lucca. We took a bus, packed with the tourists and Italians. There was a man, in 50's who keeps looking to me. Italian. I smiled back to him. I thought he was trying to be nice to me. There were also others tourists, including two Americans , a man in the late 60's with his wife. The bus was moving, and in 10 minutes, it stopped in the bus stand. The door opened, but someway, I thought the American was pushed so hard by the passengers from inside the bus, that made him jumped outside. I saw also his wallet dropped on the road near his feet. The truth is that, that Italian, who kept looking to me, was trying to pickpocket his wallet, but that American reacted so quickly that he managed to grab his hand and make it loose his wallet. That Italian was then running away. No chance for him that day.

Italian Tuna Pizza at Florence: Not so good. I honestly prefers Pizza Hut!!!! ;p

They proud of this red horse. Me too. Because I'm Italian. LOL

I've heard many same incidents happen in Italy, but this one really make nervous. Quickly, I checked my bag, and "amazingly", the zip was opened! I was sure that I had zipped it before entering into the bus. Luckily, my handset and my passports were still there. I looked at a guy behind me, but I can't guess his reaction seems he wore the sun glasses (I was ready to punch his face, really!!!). But after thinking a while, maybe it was that man, who unzipped my bag when I was entering the bus for the first time. I think he was waiting the time when will I turn my back to him so he can grab anything from my unzipped bag! (I heard Malaysian passport can be sold really expensive in the black market! )

That incident happened at this bus stop. I learn many things here!

Third thing happened was when we booked a cheap hostel (B&B) for the last night in Italy. Initially, we have to share with other couples, because the women dorm was already full. So we will be 4 inside every dorm. When we arrived, the guardian said that he will give us another room. So he took us in car, and searched every single hostel and hotel around Pisa. We were quite disappointed as the previous one is 10 minutes from Pisa tower. He said that the couples, who were should have shared the room with us, had smoked the cannabis, (candu maaa! ;p) and made a total mess in the room. Finally, we found a hostel, with a nice dorm for these Malay ladies, and a good one for me! Moreover, it is nearer to the tower! The price was more expensive, but we paid only the price we have booked for the previous hostel. We paid only 25 euros each, instead of 40!

View from my dorm: I was the last to wake up in that morning, but still manage to snap some beautiful photos! heheheh

I was ready to make some Silat demo in front of the Pisa tower, as what Cikgu Azizan suggested me to show Gayong is everywhere. But I don't know why, I have the instinct that somehow, Gayong will "come" to this country. Maybe in a year, or more. Who knows! Only God knows best. But I hope my instinct is right! I hope that lucky "Cikgu" will be the one who realize this to happen. *Hope to see other version of my "Gayong Blues: Amok at the Eiffel Tower" = Amok at the Pisa Tower!!!!

They got this genuine leather "Cemeti", sold at 7.50 euros! I bought one in case having some "stubborn" Gayong students! hehehehe

Well, time to come back to Paris. Exhausted, but happy! Oh God, I almost forgot that tomorrow morning I have a train from Paris to Lille. I got a Gayong seminar with anak Gayong there! *traveling with these ladies made me a total psycho. The Shopaholics! Arggghhh&@@#*^$£*§!!!!!

Io mi chiamo Pedro Leonardo.
Ciao ciao Italia!!!! ;)


  1. u look like de niro in the movie LE PARRAIN lol!

  2. hahahhahahaha! et bin.. on s'adapte! ;)