Friday, September 25, 2009

Seni Pinang Sebatang

Learning Seni Silat means learning the history. The stories of the legendary warriors in the past always amaze us until now. Sometime we are wondering, how the ancients warriors trained themselves? One of the story was about 2 warriors, who were so expert in Silat, that could fight on a single areca nut palm, made as a bridge across a river.One was at a side while another one at the opposite side. Both were acrossing the bridge at the same time and met face to face at the middle of the bridge, but none of them accept to go back to let other one across the river first. To "solve"this problem they fought on that "tiny bridge" until one fell into the river.

This ability, of fighting in a small and limited place called in many names; Seni Pinang Sebatang, Seni Papan Sekeping, Seni Awang Bodoh, Seni Rajawali etc.There are some tips of learning this art:

1) There is no more "normal" position (open the legs) to fight. We stay up right, with the certain types of feet positions depending on how we are going to "Receive and Give".

2) The feet must be "hammered" on the floor, but it doesn't mean that they cannot move. Use all of feet fingers to grip the floor to have a steady and sturdy position. Be like a Cicak-Man! (lizard) ehhehehehehe

3) Control the body line in every movement. This will be automatic after many training. Body line control avoid us to lost our energy for nothing. (should apply physics theories here! ;p)

4) Need a strong abdomen. Seems we don't have a wide open legs to collect a big momentum for our punch or block, we need to use the centre energy from abdomen to our hands. It means that we need a powerful hands too! ;)

5) Always train on a marked line and try not to go out from it.

For those Anak Gayong who has learned the Rajawali technics for example, would find the easiness of handling the enemy's attacks without working too much on it. This concept is used in many Silat systems (like Silat Cekak, Silat Kalimah etc.) and in Silat Seni Gayong itself...


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