Thursday, September 10, 2009


Every Gayong instructor has his own "path" of how he found the truth in Gayong. When at the first time I learned Gayong, we were about fifty students. The members were decreasing year by year, leaving us (me, Thajirin, Zanoramin, Hafiz, Muhsin, Alam Shah and Amir for boys, while Zati, Faridah, Fadhliah, and Noni for girls) who passed our Red belt in 1999. A few years later, I was the only one left who passed my Yellow belt with Taufiq, (my junior in Gayong), and few years later again passed my Black belt alone!

This kind of path, would be same for many of Gayong teachers... I'm always wondering, how it could be a real boost for Gayong in my hometown of Pasir Puteh, if my others brothers and sisters, who passed the Red belt with me, could come again, and support the development of Gayong activities there! Supporting the Gayong activities is not ONLY to teach and to train. For those who had married, they said that the problem after the marriage is to take care their families that give them no time for training, and no time to teach. But why don't we take an example of our own Gurulatihs and Masters, who are all married and have kids too but still keep "Gayonging"??? We need only at least one training per week (like I said... at least one..!) of 3-4 hours to keep the club active, for the sake of the new generation. If we don't have time, or just have forgotten the syllabus, or don't have enough level (in Belt ranking) to teach, then invite any Gurulatih to teach, by supporting his "Minyak Motor" (traveling cost) and by giving him a "Upah" (money), so that he will come again next week! heehehhehe

Every one is busy. Studies, working, families, moving and so on. But if we really love this art, and we want that the young generation would have this chance to "taste" as like what we had, so we have to create a time for Gayong. We must add a time for Gayong in our daily life schedule. It would be easier for an ex-Gayong Jurulatih, who had kept his belt for years in the cupboard, than a new motivated Gayong student, to start a new Gayong Gelanggang where he's moving (even though his main challenge is to fight first against the his own "laziness" and "busyness"). The problem is always the "out of shape" to restart what we had done when we were much more younger.

My advice, for those who are still searching the way to start again, is by visiting your Master first. Don't forget to visit them every time you come back to your hometown. Especially, during this Ramadhan, the merits are bigger, and at least, pay him a visit for "Hari Raya" (Eid)! I am sure that it would please our Master and could be your first step of restarting your Gayong life. Besides, as what I've heard always from the mouth of my Master, he is always ask me if I got any news of others. Every time we talk about them, he unintentionally expresses how he miss his students. I think every Master would feel the same thing vis à vis his students.....

It has been 10 years now since our Red belt grading. Hopefully we could reunite again to create a strong Gayong association there....Amin!

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