Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gayong Teacher, Master Student

Université Paris X Nanterre: Pôle Scientifique et Technologique

Alhamdoulillah..... thank you Allah for this Aidilfitri gift! I was waiting for my Master exam result since last Friday. I got no news, until today, the 3rd day of Aidilfitri. A friend of mine, Yan, called me and told me that I've passed my Master. Alhamdoulillah! Alhamdoulillah! Alhamdoulillah!

Damien, Me & Yacine.
Master Energie et Propulsion Aérospatiale et Terrestre...

As a Gayong teacher in France, I have another obligation, which is more important as a JPA sponsored student: My studies. We are sent here, for doing 7 years engineering course until obtaining our Degrees and Master in science. Accomplishing this "task" is always the priority. What I fear most is, when we fail in our studies, people will blame everything, including my Silat and religious activities.

Before coming to France, my Masyaikh said to me once. There is only three "Niat" (intention) that one must have before going to live oversea, or if not, it won't be a Ibadah for us. Searching for the Rezk, Talabal 'Ilm, wa Da'wah IlAllah. (working, studying and preaching). It is undeniable that Silat Seni Gayong is attached with Islam, as the Malay people is Moslem. So it is really important to make people knows the "true" Islam through Gayong. There is tolerance, and Silaturrahim inside Gayong. It is not only the art of War, but it is more the art of avoiding the War. The Jihad, is one of Islam. But there are THE RULES of performing the Jihad. The Hudud is also one of Islam, but there are THE RULES must be respected! Through Gayong, we create the links and permit us to show the truth, and live in harmony with people with different believes and faiths.

Buruknya Uni aku ni..... hahhahaha

The reality is that, doing studies in France is challenging. As long as I concern, some Master course in other countries is quite much more "easier". Typical french education system, too much mathematical demonstration, less applications. Five days per week, 8am to 6pm. Once per week, normally on Friday, we got examination (continuous exam). The attendance is compulsory. 3 absence consecutively without MC, you will find your self kicked out from the university. And of course, no English at all! (I am the best student during English lesson! hehehehehe)

Ville d'Avray

When I was in INTEC, Shah Alam, I was a student of American Degree Foundation Program/ American Top University, batch 7. It was a year after 11 September that I should have flown there. But my destiny is here in France. I made my Istikharah prayer first to choose, between Ohio State University in Columbus, or France, and what I saw in the dream is what I see in France. Everything is "Maktoub", and the "Maktoub" is always the best for us.

I am wondering if I continued my studies to United States. I would have been the best friend of Cikgu Sam, Joel and Jen! Or if I came to United Kingdom, Cikgu Ariffin, Sulaiman and Amira would be the people that I'll hang out with! ;) But the destiny said that, I came here in France, and bring back Gayong after the time of Cikgu Mufti Ansari, and have two man beside me, Benjamin and Daoud....

OK OK, I don't know what am I writing now actually.. but the thing is that, I'm writing all this today just to say that how relieve I feel after hearing that good news...!


  1. thank you Jen!!!! (still trying to find any possibilities going to US for phd....!! hehhehe)