Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gayong France Member Card

Gayong France member card: Not a really suitable photo with that hair cut! lol

9 September 2009, I make our first official member card for Silat Seni Gayong France. Even though we have a complete record list of our member since 2005, sometimes we encounter a little problem when transporting the training weapons like Keris and Parang. I had been stopped by the policemen once, while I got five Keris and three Kerambit in my bag here in Paris last time! Luckily, I still got my valid martial art license so that they released my after few minutes. So this time, every Anak Gayong France will be using this card.

OK, the first series number is mine, the second one is Cikgi Nyz's (hehehehe). The card for Benjamin and other Anak Gayong will follow after this. This could be a Gurulatih/Jurulatih card also, as it will be marked the Bengkung level and the Sandang, also if you are a Jurulatih at any Gelanggang.

Our Bengkung and Sandang certificate also will be released really soon. I have to discuss first with the Waris Amanah, Cikgu Wan Ahmad Fauzi about this. By the way, InsyaAllah, God willing, Gayong France will organize a belt grading and graduation day at Paris and Lille this months of November/December. We are planning to invite Cikgu Wan Ahmad Fauzi here (and maybe his assistants too) to evaluate the level of Silat Seni Gayong of our instructors and members. So, who want to join us? ;) hehehehehe

*I still got few exams tomorrow. Machine Thermique, Tribologie, Propulsion and Electronique. Hey guys, please make some Do'a for me please! huhhuhuhuu ;)


  1. salam

    good words bro. 9 sept 2009... pretty lucky no izzit? Hahaha.

    good luck in all ur undertakings bro... ur exam mostly. Silat - silat jugak...


  2. wahhh.... cantik kad ahli ni...
    huhu... siap de jawatan dan sandang lg..
    sy puji...
    sok2 nk smbung blaja...
    g sambung kt france aaa... huhu

  3. alhamdulillah... exam bru abes. tgh tggu result. huhuhuhuhuhu

    tahun ini tahun2 terakhir pengajian di sini. bnyak benda kena hitam putihkan...harap2nya gelanggang di sini akan terus kekal dan bertambah2.Amin...

    so kalo geng reyokiwara nk dtg sini, amat dialu alukn... kena ada orng melayu yg mengganti saya tuuu... uhuhuhu ;)

  4. nk buat kad cmni gk kt sini, boleh?hehe