Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SENI KERIS: Pendekar's Honor

Buah Keris

Learning the Keris make me encounter many masters. When I was holding the Merah Tinggi (High Red) belt, I finished my 21 technics of Keris with Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh from Machang. I thought I knew the Keris, but it was only the beginning. In Pentas Keris, many Anak Gayong put out the "Sarung Keris" and use only the Keris. But the "Sarung" has it's functions too. Some of secret fighting tactics cannot be shared here, if not, there won't be any interest to learn those "secrets" directly from Gayong masters in Malaysia.

Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh once told me, after 21 technics, there is still the Buah of Hang Tuah Lima Bersaudara. I saw only three technincs, which is the Buah Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and Hang Kasturi. If there are still Buah Hang Lekiu and Buah Hang Lekir, I would be pleased to learn it with you!!!

Cikgu Nasir also teach me many Keris adab and tactics. He said that never throw out the Sarung Keris, as it is used as a sort of "Kapak", hold in the left hand. Keris normally hold in the right hand. When one sits "Bersila", the Keris must be put in front of us, while our feet "touch" the Sarung. It permits us to talk normally (and politely) with the guest, while at the same time, keep our Keris safe from being snatched or grabbed by our opponent and use it to attack us. It's the worst thing can happen as we always say "Senjata Makan Tuan".

With Cikgu Amin Hamzah, he taught how to hold the Keris in front of the Sultan, or while walking in publics. There are some Adab in front of Sultan. Presenting ourselves (mengadap), waiting the orders (menanti arahan), waiting the punishment (menanti hukuman), and so on. All Pesilat must know the Adabs as it is the rights of Keris to be respected. I personally feel quite "angry" and "embarrassed" when I read an article about the Keris, published in Karate Bushido (a martial art magazine in France), written by "an expert of Penchak Silat". After reading his article, I am sure that every one who knows the traditional pencak silat, would have no more respect to him. The article degrades the beauty of Keris. My advice for him is, don't write something that you didn't learn from a Master. Self-learning by copying from books and internet is bad, when we haven't see that stuff before on live. I'm sure that all the French readers must know who am I talking about......


Keris is a unique weapon....

Using the Sarung, or not using it, is not important. The most important is the "Seni" itself...

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