Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was called by Brother Burn to help him to fetch his children from school yesterday, as he had something to do outside. I took the metro Line 6, direct to Charles de Gaulle Etoile at 9am in the morning. As usual, every time I am in the metro station, my hands will grab any free metro journals, Metro, Directmatin or 20minutes. Other than to fill in the time during the trajectory, those papers were used as the objects to fix my eyes at. Really difficult to "behave" myself when I am in a single seat, which has another single seat facing to mine. I will automatically change into someone else when a "jolie mademoiselle" takes that lucky seat. Keeping in my mind that I'm gonna be a Silat cikgu,(hohohohohoho! ;p) I took a paper to prepare myself of any unexpected situation! ;)

One of the topic captured my attention.

Le premier sous-marin Malaisien est Français. (the first malaysian submarine is French)

I knew that since couple of years, as I've met many Malaysian Navy at Cherbourg (north west of France) are sent here to learn everything about the submarine. I heard that the price is too expensive, that our government bought it not using only Euros, but by using 'barter system', of exchanging the raw product of our country. Well, hopefully that would be worthfull for our defense system! (I keep thinking to our russian Sukhoi also).

I got no comment for these, even though I heard many things about where does the commissions of buying this goes! hehehehehe.

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