Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walking around Jaures...

I caught a light fever but serious cough after coming back from Italy and Lillle. After having a nice rest, I took some air around with Cik Faris's family. 10 minutes walk from my apartment, there is a park where I always train Silat in the early morning. Nice view, and good for those who want to visit Paris too. (nanti bawak Cikgu2 gayong semua datang sini! ;))

After playing the paper boat with the children, we went to Cik Rosli's house for Raya invitation.... (for the 2nd time for me again! hehehehhe). One whole day walking, playing, eating and "sightseeing", I am completely healthy and better now! ;)

waiting for the boat passing

canauxrama boat

...and our boat! ;)

some view

it was really sunny and hot. I almost dived into the river!

one pity lost children looking for her parents.... hehehehe

lepak lepak di hujung minggu.....

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