Sunday, September 27, 2009

NARAPATINANTABOGA: An inspiration from my Ma...

Some of my students ask me, what does Narapatinantaboga stands for?

Narapatinantaboga is my name. Well, it's my name in "imagination world". It was given by my mother, when she was still a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kamil. She is the one who inspires me a lot. I learned my first prayer, Alif Ba Ta' and Islamic fundamental practices from her. She is the one who teaches me the Pantun (she was the holder of Best Leader, gold medal), Sajak, Pidato (gold medal when she was still 9) , Bahas, Syarahan and Drama (Best Drama Director). If now I have been so much attached with Malay tradition, than this should be her "fault"! hehheheh (When I was in secondary school, I was a really active student. My most waited school program was the "Bakat Perdana" week)

I started drawing my own comic books (using a cheap blue ball pen and a 40 cents exercise book) since 9 years old. I created one characters each for every of my classmates (boys only!!! hehehehe) and I was Ninja Kim in my first comic book. Some characters that I still remember were Shogun Azam and Coconutman Arman. Every year I make about 2 comics, about 100 pages each. Drawing those stories, with all of "Hikmat" and fighting stuff was always made me sit or lie on the floor for hours until forgetting to drink or eating.

My "comics production" activities continues, until now. (even during the lecture at university! heheheh). Every time I hold my pen to draw, I always remember the day that I was concentrating of drawing my favorite creature: The Dragon. My Ma, sitting near me, was preparing some of Pantun for her students that will be represent our school at the National level. She said; what a beautiful word, of Narapatinantaboga. I asked her, what does it means Ma? Smiling to me, she said, Narapati means The King, while Nantaboga means The Dragon. Narapatinantaboga means the Raja Naga (King of Dragon). Since then, every time I was chosen to be a leader of a group in any co curriculum activities, I will "abuse" my power to name our group as Narapatinantaboga!!! (the last time I named my group was during a National Leadership Course of Tun Razak after my SPM! Hahahahahahha )

It is not just a word for me. What counts for me, is that it reminds me the presence of my Ma beside me. When I told my Ma about the name recently, she was laughing and was quite surprise that I still remember those words! And since I practice Silat Seni Gayong and it is the only one of Silat that has the Dragon in the logo (as far as I concern), the word Narapatinantaboga suites me very much!

I love you Ma! I love you Abah, Mek, Abe-Abe, Kakok-Kakok and Adik-Adik semuo...! ;)

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