Saturday, September 26, 2009

Training For The Demo

at the end of the day....

My journey today took me about 1 hour with the TGV train from Gare du Nord, to Lille, which is situated about 400km to the north of France from Paris. We had our training to prepare for next Saturday demonstration of BDA (Boulevard des association). 15 minutes to represent Association Française Silat Seni Gayong.

Be there Mesdames, Messieurs!

There gonna be Bunga Teratai & Bunga Tanjung, Gerakan Keris, Pentas Keris, Pukulan-Kombat-Kuncian, Asas & Elakan Tongkat, Asas & Elakan Parang, and Gerakan Tekpi. Hopefully this would be a big publicity of this art among the French and Belgian.

We trained from 2pm until 6pm, and then Benjamin bring me to look the place where will be the demo. The place will be full of stands of all associations inside the north of France... almost! ;) At 8pm, I came back to Paris, after being treated with a big delicious Halal lamb Kebab of "Riyadh Kebab". This restaurant is one of my favorite place when every time I come to teach Gayong at Lille. Other places are the Al Pacha Kebab and Bondue Subway! ;) I've just lost 1kg after the training, now I gain another 2kg! Heheehhehehehe

For those Malaysian students in Lille, come and support our demo and stand! It would be better to have some Malaysian participate during the festival. We are going to make some Silat workshop, that everyone can participate. That's gonna be fun! Venez nombreux!!!!!! Allez!!!

The entrance

The BDA: Boulevard des Associations

This place used to be a train station

Baby Dino

Our demo should be done inside this building.

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