Saturday, September 5, 2009


I think that both of them are destined together in Silat. They are the leaders of Gayong Warisan in Kelantan. Cikgu Nasir is one of the expert of traditional Malay weapons, even though he tries not to claim it. "A tiger is still a tiger even though he says he's only a cat, for the reason of modesty!" (i create this quote. T-M. hehehe). I personally suggest for anyone who would like to find any Malay weapons to see with him. Reasonable price. But the important is good quality. He makes me think deeply when I asked him, why the Keris made in Malaysia has a higher price than the Keris made in Indonesia, even though the quality is probably same. He made an analogy, of a young man, want to marry a Malaysian girl or an Indonesian girl. Both are women. Both speak Malay. Both are raised in Malay culture. But the different is that, in Malaysia, you need more money to "get" the father's permission, to be compared with in Indonesia! I think, RM 5000 (about 1000 Euros) is a "normal rate" nowadays for a Malay girl with Diploma or Degree! hehhehehe. ***still working on for RM 11,111.11..... ***** ;p

Cikgu Nasir (photo from Cikgu Nasir's blog)

Cikgu Muzairi is a serious looking man. The first time I met him at Cikgu Nasir's house, I made a prayer in my heart that I don't say any stupid thing that may make him angry. I was sure that if he scold me, I would have run away and left my car at Cikgu Nasir's house, and take a taxi to go back home without even looking back! hehehehehe. Sorry Cikgu, just kidding! ;p

They are among the the young Pendekars, when Silat Seni Gayong were introduced for the first time in Kelantan. They've learned from the late Cikgu Zul (correct me if i'm wrong Cikgus!), Cikgu Awang Daud, Cikgu Sazali, Ustaz Khalid and Pak Ngah Izahar. Not mention others masters of Gayong, other Pencak Silat masters and the Syeikhs). Now, both of them are teachers in school. Both of them are the Wasit, among those who popularize Silat Seni Gayong in schools.

Cikgu Muzairi with Tongkat Panjang (photo from Cikgu Nasir's blog)

There has been a story circulates among the Gayong leaders, before the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom died. She would have chosen "Gayong Bachok" group as the leaders of Gayong in Kelantan. It proves that they have fulfilled their responsibilities correctly, by truly keeping the MAHAGURU's wish and also the Cikgu Siti's. They always say to me, to make Gayong as the late MAHAGURU's property. Never make it mine. I take the benefit from Gayong, and fulfill it's right. That was the day I understand how the Adat is much more superior than anything in Silat Seni Gayong....

I've learned many things from them, not so much compared with their students in Bachok who train every week and always be with them in every program. But still, their "Petuas" and tips make me feel even confident and stronger to continue my effort of teaching in Europe. Thank you for everything Cikgus! (still got many syllabus to be learned from them. Need to go back to Malaysia again. hoohohohoho. Wink wink!)

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